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Vieques Beaches

Discover the most popular beaches in Vieques Island for swimming, sunbathing and have a great time with your friends and family:

Green Beach

In the South part of the beach you can find yachts from all over Puerto Rico and St. Johns in this beautiful piece of heaven. Look at the views while you get a tan and experience great snorkeling.

Playa Gallito

Close to the airport you will find this beautiful beach that has easy access from the road. It’s great for snorkeling and surfing. This beach is very well known and loved by locals for its convenience.

La Chata Beach

Atlantic wind makes this the perfect beach for surfing. In the summer when the waters calm down it makes it also the perfect beach for snorkeling.

Playuela (Also known as Garcia Beach)

It’s a tropical and private beach separated from Playa Caracas. To get there you must turn right on the sign that says “Playa Caracas”. Its approximately one mile from the Parking. For this reason it’s very private and calm.

Playa Caracas (Red Beach)

It’s very easy to get to this beach, and because of its turquoise waters it is one of the favorite beaches for the locals.

Pata Prieta (Also known as secret beach)

The calm and crystalline waters in this beach makes it ideal for relaxing. It has a beautiful reef to the right where you can snorkle. The parking is small, so it guarantees that the beach will never be packed.

La Chiva (Also known as Blue Beach)

There is no way to start describing how beautiful this place is, you have to see it with your own eyes. It’s widely known for its beautiful colored blue waters. Snorkle, relax, swim, you just have to visit this place when coming to Vieques.